Who decided it was a good idea to make the Chevy Volt car of the year?


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Jan 28, 2009
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Electric cars are useless because they only can go 40 miles on a charge, take 16 hours to charge, what if you want to go on vacation, what if traffic was bad on the way home from work, electricity is produces more pollution that gas and it isn't even cheap. What is it good for anyways? Motor Trend should pick a real car like a Toyota or a European car.
If you did your homework you would realize the car is terrible. Its a hybrid gone wrong, the car is worthless without the electric motor so I am saying that after 40 miles you are not saving money you are paying for gas. The car costs 40 grand and only gets 60 MPGS!!!!!!!! Only idiots could call that groundbreaking. A Prius gets 50 miles per gallon and costs 23 grand. Probably less emissions in the long run anyways. I am American and I love this country but Motor Trend tries every year to tell us that our cars are better than every import . Since 1985 only 5 imports have been named car of the year!!! What about the groundbreaking Hyundai Sonata with great gas mileage, great looks, great quality, American built and 18 thousand. Or we could all have a car 3 times the price that is nothing but a crappy hybrid. Motor Trend should try getting a new staff.
It goes 35 to 50 miles on a charge, same thing. Every car brand has recalls. The American media decided to highlight on the Toyota issue because our economy was down. Ford, GM and Chrysler were in the tank so they decided to make a big deal about something that was minor. You didn't hear about the 1.3 million Chevys that were recalled last year for steering problems that could cause serious injury or did you or the 1.5 million that were recalled because of fires being started. How many people were affected by the Toyota recall only a few actually had problems. The guy with the Prius for example was faking his accelerator problem and what didn't make sense is that people were having crashes after Toyota said to put it in Neutral if you are in that situation. I believe it was a fluke and at least Toyota admitted they had an issue and resolved it immediatly. Learn the facts before you write rude comments!
Toyota Sucks,
If you are getting your information from Chevrolet that it goes 380 miles on a charge they are also the people telling you that you get 15 mpgs city on a Tahoe and 21 highway. I have one and it avgs 12 mgs in mixed driving. I think Chevy pulls these numbers out of their butt. No reason to hate a brand that has cars lasting over 300k. Chevy can barely manage a hundred thousand, and thats a fact.
For the record I like Ford. I have an 02 Explorer Sport Trac with over 111k miles. Its never had a problem. It just doesn't make sense on why MT pick American cars everytime. American cars for the most part are not too good and any reliable source will tell you that.