there was a problem now there's not and I did nothing. help?


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May 12, 2022
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ok, i have a 07 chevy Aveo 4 cylinder with a manual transmission.. my daughter calls one day and says dad it won't go into first gear. it grinds. i told her to turn it off and then put into gear and start it. if that works limp it to your apartment. it worked she drove all the way home in first gear... i went to get the car and sure enough, it would not go into gear if the car was running. GRINDING, BUT I turn it off, slipped it into reverse started the car, and backed it out. turned it off lined up my trailer, slipped it into first then started it, and drove it up onto the trailer. CLEARLY A POSSIBLE CLUTCH system PROBLEM....
got it home and repeated the same process to get it off the trailer. still would not slip into first while the engine was running. put it on jack stands and did some prelim inspection of the external clutch system. all look to be working fine above the tranny. so I concluded it was an internal clutch problem. closed the hood and said ill see you next spring.. and it has just sat with the front end up on jack stands.....

spring arrives-the wife has become tired of looking at it, I kinda do not want to fix it (I'm getting older hahaha) so I offered it to a friend for free. told him there is a clutch problem. charged the battery for him, aired up the tires checked the fluids freed up a wheel or to that had become brake pad stuck, took it off the jack stands, turned the key to ensure it would start, and it did. then I tried to put it into first gear. IT WENT INTO FIRST GEAR WITH THE CAR RUNNING WITH NO PROBLEM........ WHAT...... I Drove this thing today a few times up and down the road and it went into all gears just fine like nothing was wrong...... no signs of the original grinding issue, can someone explain this to me... i mean i did nothing to it other than manually move some parts (the slave cylinder) outside the tranny last summer. WTH..
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Apr 24, 2012
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Typically the slave cylinder. Was the fluid level low?
You moving the slave cylinder might have bled air out of it.