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Good morning from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Just sold my 2004 Slingshot Yellow SSR with 167,000 + miles and bought an 2009 Crystal RedMetallic HHR with 126,000 miles on it (light Tan interior, cloth seats and no sun/moon roof)). Had an almost new 2006 Ultra Violet HHR back in 2007 which I really liked. My SSR was a daily driver as is my HHR and since most of my driving is in town, 11 MPG was a little costly. Hope to double that MPG in the HHR. The HHR is the 2.2 LT with the Chrome package, really nice Chrome Rims. Lets see, got some Clear Coat damages, no big problem ... Big problem, I think the Radio Speakers are "shot" in fact I know they are plus Driver's door window switch will not roll the passenger side window up or down, but ... the up & down window. switch on the passenger door works good. Anybody out there got some info that will help me. Definitely needs front Brake Rotors and alignment. Tires look great, and rides smooth up to 60 MPH ... 61 t0 70 "she" wants jump up and down a little especially on the Interstate. Smooth on the back roads cause I only drive 56, 57 or 58 MPH. The HHR is certainly much easier to get around town in !!! Have lived most of my life in "the 'boro" a Senior Citizen, a Flag waving Veteran, Born a C H E V R O L E T fan in 1940 in Springfield, Illinois (just 3 blocks off City Route 66), grew up in Pawnee, Illinois, a widower, with 2 wonderful well educated children (Andi & John) and 4 Grand Children Abbie, Alex, Boston & Sydney. After Jan died I sold the house and bought a Condo/Town Home (take your pick ???). My "handle" is 10 uh C cozydog. Please let me hear from y'all out there. Thank you. Bob Alexander AKA 10 uh C cozydog !!!


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Apr 24, 2012
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Could be a bad master window switch or broken wire from the master, good luck with the new vehicle.


Could be a bad master window switch or broken wire from the master, good luck with the new vehicle.

Thanks a 1,000,000 zora. Got new brakes and rotors plus rotated and balanced the tires. Had a slightly bent rim on the left front that caused the vibration at 61 to 70. Moved the bent rim to the right rear and that solved that problem. The clear coat problem is only on the front "bumper" so I'll take "her" down to MAACO next week and see how much it is to paint the bumper. I would really like to paint the fenders black for a totally different look ... similar to the old Chevy Pick Ups back in the late 40's, but ... the Crystal Metallic Red paint on the fenders is excellent and really shines. Drove the HHR up toward East Tennessee to look at the beautiful trees along old Route 70S today. Actually drove 385 miles and put in 13.1 gallons of petro (29.6 MPG). We're having a "gas war" here in Murfreesboro, ... Kroger's Regular is $2.96.9. Haven't seen it that low in a while. Thanks again for the advice. 10 uh C cozydog aka Bob Alexander Murfreesboro, Tennessee.