Parking Brake Issues 2018 Traverse

Jul 9, 2020
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My 2018 Traverse was purchased brand new. After the first year, the parking brake sensor (yellow) light came on. As I had never used the parking brake, I was concerned. The only way to get the yellow sensor light to shut off was to engage and disengage the parking brake. This worked a few times, but after a while, it just stayed on. This occurred around 2,000 miles prior to my first due servicing of the vehicle. After taking the vehicle to the dealership, they serviced the vehicle and ran the diagnostics after which the light went off. Diagnostics showed no issues. Went home thinking it was just an alert in which the 'service brake light' was part of the alert on getting the vehicle in for its regular maintenance. Not so! After about a month, it happened again. The vehicle was taken in and 'plugged' into the computer to clear the problem. This seemed to work. However, about 2,000 miles prior to my next scheduled maintenance, the parking brake sensor light (yellow) came on again. Took it to the dealership for the servicing of the vehicle thinking that this was going to be like before.....just an alert that needed to be reset by the computer with the scheduled maintenance servicing. A day after bringing the car home, BOTH sensor lights came on!! The parking brake had engaged itself overnight. I could not get it to disengage and had to put the car in reverse and gently press the gas peddle to disengage the red parking brake light. However, the yellow sensor light remained on and the actual parking brake would not engage. I took it back to the dealership and left overnight. I was contacted the next day by the dealership and was told that they were having a difficult time figuring out what was wrong and how to correct it. At this time (next day), I am still waiting for them to contact me to see if they have figured out how to resolve this issue. I am heartbroken since I paid a great deal of money for this beautiful vehicle that is broken in which the dealership can not find a solution to the issue. I also see on this forum that this is an occurring problem with other 2018 models and see no recalls on this issue. I am hoping strongly that Chevrolet will get this issue resolved with positive results for everyone involved!