GM Was Right to Stop Making the Chevrolet Volt

Sal Collaziano

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Nov 11, 2008
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GM has faced massive scrutiny for their decision to end the Chevrolet Volt program, and that backlash has come from both Volt proponents and those who claim GM isn't serious about an "all-electric future." Here's why GM was.

As a Chevy Volt owner for over seven years, I completely understand why many Volt owners are upset at the news that GM was cancelling the Volt and not pursuing any other Voltec-based vehicle platforms. Thanks to a fervent and vocal anti-GM enclave of the EV community, the Volt's cancellation prompted renewed claims that GM was – once again – attempting to "kill" the electric car. These accusations gained additional traction thanks to GM's not having an immediate, plug-in replacement for the Volt. However, from an objective viewpoint, GM's decision to cancel the Volt and the Voltec program was correct.

GM Was Right to Stop Making the Chevrolet Volt