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Apr 30, 2021
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Ok my busy started doing the swap for me so I came into it after the new used motor was mounted so I didn’t disconnect anything myself and am now have it put back together but lots of issues. 2004 Chevy suburban 1500 L59 threw rod so replaced with LM7 but reused injectors from L59 and reused fuel rail so I could have the return part. I got it running but am having lots of issues. Kept same ECM in burban. Battery sat disconnected for about 6 months after my busy gave up on installing everything. Now it runs but it has these issues...
1. Key wasn’t shutting engine off had to pull battery and alternator cables to shut it off now it shuts off but slowly after I reconnected everything.
2. Dash says battery not charging.
3. Gauges not working.
4. Runs rough.
5. Reduced engine power readout on dash.
6. No pedal response whatsoever.
7. Dash lights won’t turn off.
8. Service stability readout on dash.
9. Check engine light on.

no codes when hooked up to scanner it just says freez frame but no DTCs or something like that on the scanner.
I grounded coils to oil dipstick bracket bolt on passenger side of motor. I also attached two eyelets that I assume are grounds to the driver side of the block. Also after I had to disconnect battery and alternator to shut it off I installed the ground strap, the flat braided one(I forgot about it) from a bolt on the firewall down to the bolt on the bell housing that also holds the transmission dipstick tube.
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