Abs parking brake dash lights on

Douglas Reibold

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Sep 10, 2016
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My O4 blazer abs parking brake dash lights keep coming on.When I turn off the ignition,they usually go off only to come back on.Its annoying..I'm not having any issues such as drag while I'm driving or any problem with braking.Ive been told it could be a short,a loose wire,the wheel speed sensors,or the electronic brake control module which costs a fortune.Is there any simple way to diagnose and pinpoint the actual problem?I know I could pull the ABS relay,and disable the ABS system..including the idiot lights,but that might not be a good idea.And I'm sure if the EBCM is bad,I could find one at a scrapyard for 20 bucks.Id hate to drive 60 miles to get one,only to replace it if it's not the real problem.Any advice is appreciated.Thanks.