95 lumina / 4t60e

Jan 30, 2012
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after throwing about 2 weeks of work into my newly accquired lumina which was swapped and worked on alot, the previous owner tells me the engine was taken from a 96 buick, based on engine fire order and coil pack location ( in front of engine under the exhaust) i believe its true, he was not so sure about if it was the original transmission or if it also came from the buick it ran like a champ, until one day driving i stopped at a red light and my transmission made a loud clunk and a grinding and i lost all my gears.

i got a used replacement transmission from a 96 lumina after putting the transmission into the lumina i decided to test drive the new transmission and found that it had no acceleration in gear, my engine would rev normally in park or neutral, but any other gear rpm would only push to 2000-2250rpm, after adding trans fluid additive to remove any possible water and to help with any stuck solenoids i still have barely any acceleration or pick up and a rev limit of 2k, i couldnt even get the car back up the steep driveway, my reverse seems to work fine when i backed it up the driveway, and when the car is sitting i can feel it jump into reverse, but i cannot feel it jump into any foward drive gears,the old transmission would drive the car for me up to 10 mph when just placed in overdrive or 1st gear, this one doesnt i have to floor the throttle to its 2k rpm limit to get it moving, needless to say im experiencing some slip and speed decrease up hills and very slow pickup, is the slipping and the low rpm limit one in the same problem or is it the tcc solenoid? i guess i basically want to fix my rev limit problem before taking a look into weather or not i need to rebuild the transmission, or go for another used transmission which might just as well give me the same problem. i dont believe it is a vacuum problem after spraying carb cleaner along the lines i didnt seem to hear a leak. my instinct tells me its something electrical but after cleaning up connects on my sensor plugs i cant figure it out

parts replaced, well besides the engine and transmission coming from 2 different cars... trans filter, trans gasket, all fluids, transmission modulator, air filter, coil packs, spark plugs and plug wires, oil filter, a few vaccuum lines, throttle body gasket, intake gaskets, power steerting pump and pulley, battery, serpentine belt, alternator, transmission seals (all3), front disc brakes and rotors..the list goes on dont think anything else i replaced would effect the problem im having, ive been over the engine again and again and im 99% positive its not something small or normal i overlooked, after sticking so much into it i guess im at the point im looking for the fastest fix, but any suggestions and help is appreciated, short of going to the auto store and have it run for codes, doubt ill even make it there with all these curved and hill filled roads...maybe in reverse...hmm lol