2011 Chevy Impala



I think I may have a weird anomaly Hopefully you gurus may know I bought my Impala in Feb seemed to work great had slightly high miles(265k) It was a rental fleet car Just started noticing a 'grumbling' noise Strangely only heard INSIDE car it's lous almost like a hub grinding We replaced that as well as the rt fr ball joint Noise is not heard when on rack in gear off wheels but it is inside I was guessing maybe where CV axle connects to xmission? Noise gets louder faster car goes as well as under compression or inertia as in going around a hard rt curve and is quiet going left or under low G as in after going down a hill then back up Any advice would be amazing as well as how dangerous this is to drive on I do alot of miles Thank You


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Apr 24, 2012
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Hard to diagnose something only you hear. Is a shop trying to fix this or you are doing it?
You are sure it's not a wheel bearing?
CV axle you usually can hear with wheel turned all the way to one side while driving slowly in a parking lot.