1980 - 1990 Chevy Caprice / Impala Weather Striping and Window parts?

matt l

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Jan 20, 2009
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Full body Weather Stripping, Inner outer windows doors windshield / Window replacement parts possible manual non electrical, where can I obtain reproduction or OEM parts, I need to replace window parts track guides ect full monte, I will be going to school to learn to paint cars "refinishing" and my loyal 84 caprice runs great, just needs a total replacement of weatherstripping as Oklahoma weather beat the crap out of this car over the last 26 years, tried partstrain, kragen, autozone no luck only universal part as my 85 a few years ago did not fill well, like I said TOTAL weather stripping is shot to hell, and well local junkyards have parts not better or worst then mine I know its a 26 year old car but much love for these cars there like tanks, but leak in wet weather. i would prefer OEM but reproduction is good too, I have looked at GMPARTSDIRECT but no luck. I am not trying to put loud ass paint job or stupid over sized rims on it i want a good looking caprice that will be around another 25 years can you plz help me SERIOUS answers PLZ best ansesr gets top points