'03 Nissan Frontier vs. 06+ Ford Ranger? Or Chevy Colorado?


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Nov 7, 2010
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So right now I have an 03 Nissan Frontier XE. It's very basic, 2 doors so 2 seats up front plus a single side jumpseat in the back, has the manual locks and windows, 4 cyl with a 4 speed automatic, and the short bed, and less than 50K on it. So far it's been reliable and only needed an oil change and belt change and it's just about the perfect size dimensionally for me. I love this truck it's fun enough to go around town in. However, there's just a few things that have been getting to me with it. First off, it just barely fits 2 and a half people so it can be a little difficult when I need to bring any more than a single person somewhere or fit things inside the cab. At the same time it's just slooooowww. I really don't like the fact that I have to plan a mile or more down the road on a high way if I plan on passing a big rig or getting in to the proper lane.
So thus I have thought about looking for another truck. I considered the newer Nissan Frontiers and Toyota Tacomas in crew cab form but first the Tacomas (which I like the best) are a little too expensive and both are no longer that perfect little compact truck size so it throws off that small turning radius that I need.
That's where the Ford Ranger comes in. Even though it doesn't have a crew cab form it at least has 2 jump seats in the back while still maintaining a smaller stature. At the same time however, it has the 4.0L V6 mated to the 5 speed automatic that should supply enough of an efficient punch to get me the speed that I am craving for highways as well as 4x4 capability. All which I can find for sub $16k.
So what I'm asking is how do the two trucks compare by reliability, price, driving experience, etc, my current Frontier vs. the Ranger assembly I'm looking for? There seems to be some complaints about the Ranger such as it being outdated or electrical problems that are concerning me. Also, I hear a new one is being released in 2012, just not in America, though that one also seems to be
putting on some weight.
Also, I am considering the Chevy Colorado since I can find an '07 crew cab for sub $17k with the bigger 3.7L 5cyl inline but I am concerned about the over quality of the vehicle and how it seems to have a large turning radius (for its size) which is a concern as I really need a smaller turning radius for the areas I drive in.

Thank you