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    Car is doing a double start / starting twice on one key turn

    I have an 08 Impala and yesterday when i went to start it, I would turn the key and it would start...but when I let the key go back to its original spot, the car started again. Kinda like when you turn the key and the car is already on. Was wondering if anybody had experienced this problem.
  2. D

    Electrical issues

    I have a 2006 Malibu Maxx Ltz that recently has developed some electrical issues. Once after starting the car the ABS and Brake light illuminated and stayed on until i powered the car off and on. Frequently when I try to start the car it won't turn over. Everything electrical works at that...
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    02 Impala, will not turn over when turing key - Intermittent

    I'm having this Intermittent issue, I get to a store, come out and all the sudden the car will not start. I can hear the relays when I turn the key, and the lights on the dash come on, but nothing turns over (The starter makes no sound at all). Then after I wait about 10, 15 mins, the car will...
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    Internment unable to start, not turning over.

    intermittent unable to start, not turning over. Hello Chevy members, great to be here! Strange issue: This is the third time in a 6 month period that I went to turn my ignition key and nothing happens. Then after I walk away from the car and come back about 5 mins later, it starts working...
  5. J

    1999 Cavalier Will Not Start

    1. I replaced the head gasket after it blew.... 2. The starter makes a clicking noise now.... 3. Not starting... Starter or Alternator Any advice?
  6. C

    Key turns - nothing happens! 1993 Silverado

    I have a 1993 Chevy Silverado. I was pulling a light camp trailer and the engine stalled. I pulled off the road, waited a few minutes, turned it over and continued down the road. Making little distance the engine sputtered and then died again. I waited and tried again. The motor would turn...