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    1975 Chevy Nova Help fix and restore questions

    Appreciate any tips/advice on taking excellent care of my Nova. Anyone that knows about old classic muscle cars or classics in general, I need help with my own vehicle and have many questions. Help me complete my car, I plan on keeping it for a long time, but I do not have the knowledge to be...
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    73 Nova Interior Parts Needed

    Hows it going guys, i recently bought a 73 Nova custom and I'm in search of the interior hard plastics. Ive search all through the big company websites (Classic Ind., Jegs, Summit, etc) and have found nothing. Seems most parts for this model seem to be hard to find and was not sure if any other...
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    engine oil

    I guess this could go under any general Chevy forum, but I just bought a 2nd gen Nova that had been sitting for over 20 years. The engine runs great and the transmission shifts well, but it's time for an oil change and I'm scared to put the wrong oil in it. I know that synthetic in old engines...
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    Trailer lighting harness

    I just bought me a sweet 74 4-door nova that I'd actually like to pull a small trailer with (Not often, but I'd like the option). I've looked in all the typical places for a trailer wiring harness to install, but can't get a clear answer if any of the modern ones will work. What do you guys...
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    Intake gasket thickness.

    Ok guys, my first thread. I've got this magnificent 74 nova with all original mechanics. the recently rebuilt rochester dual jet stalls out pretty bad when you romp on it. I suspect a vacuum leak, I just haven't hunted it down yet. My question is, if I replace the intake manifold gasket, what...
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    I'm a shade tree mechanic at best and I'm just trying to keep the magnificent Leroy the 74 4 door Nova running as long as possible.
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    Motor swaps?

    I'm looking into getting a 5th gen/1985 Chevy Nova from my cousin/uncle. I want to do a motor swap and make it a manual but are there any motor swaps that're semi easy?
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    Vintage Impala, 1961-64 Parts for Sale

    Vintage Impala, BelAir, Nova Parts for Sale Vintage Impala, BelAir, Nova Exterior Parts for Sale. Please contact for pictures and questions. 1961-1964 Impala Good deals, need to move parts. Thanks, Shawn
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    1973 Chevy Nova Parts for sale

    Cleaning out my garage I came across a box of parts from a 1973 Chevy Nova that I no longer own. If anyone has an interest in any of these parts please contact me ASAP at Parts Include: Steering Column shroud (Including key hole, lock plate, & shift arm) Brake pedal...
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    '71 Nova 350 Auto Knocking

    Can anyone give me there suggestion what this Knocking is? I checked out the roller rocker and none seem lose and all the rods looked okay? Possible something to do with the automatic transmission plate? The Noise as seemed to got worse after I took the rocker covers off. I posted three...
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    New to this 70 nova engine switch please help

    I have a 70 nova and it had an inline 6 stock. I want to change to a 350. what all goes into the switch. what danger does it put on the rear end? I guess I just need to know whee to start.
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    Selling a '70 Nova For the fix-er upper person, without a lot of mechanical work to do! this is a great car. All this car needs is cosmetics...(paint job, and some TLC with the interior). I still drive it throughout the year, it passes PA state inspection each...
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    1967 Chevy II Nova

    I have a 67 Chevy II Nova. I had listed it for sell and had a buyer on the way, when another person called and told me that I was cheating myself. He told me that the model I had was different than others, and that his father sold one that was in worse shape than mine for $8,000. I don't know...
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    Need Cam Help and anything else that you think would help

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm slowly building a 67 Chevelle. The engine and trans will not be matching. I bought a 1975 Chevy 350 4bolt LS9 block and a 4 speed Munice. Now the engine I am putting a forged stroker crank with KB pistons and I beam rods. I am doing Vortex heads. I just bought some Comp...
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    4-Link Suspension

    Wanting to go to a four link suspension, give me the best brand and model that fits best and works best for a gen 3 nova (1972) and best price!
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    71 Nova, starter and wiring problems after new brakes?

    I just finished converting the front brakes from manual drums, to power discs. The only wiring that I touched was the battery terminals, and the brake fluid level warning wire. I just disconnected them while I was working on the car. I tried to hook them back up but the positive wire sparks...
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    V10 Nova!

    Hey everyone hows it going? I am new to the forum and just bought a 78 Nova. A little about myself... I'm 23 in the military and currently Deployed. I have 5 cars as of now. They are in order from newest to oldest 2006 Acura RSX Type-S, 2005 Mazda 6i, 2000 Ford F-150 XLT, 1992 Toyota Celica GT...