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    1975 Chevy Nova Help fix and restore questions

    Appreciate any tips/advice on taking excellent care of my Nova. Anyone that knows about old classic muscle cars or classics in general, I need help with my own vehicle and have many questions. Help me complete my car, I plan on keeping it for a long time, but I do not have the knowledge to be...
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    4 bbl Carb to 2 bbl Manifold

    So I have a 74 nova with the stifled l65 350. It has a leaky, poorly adjusted Rochester 2 jet with the float set WAY too high. It floods out my engine on hard turns and hard stops. I believe my plugs have started showing signs of fouling. Any way. I have a 625cfm Street Demon ready to go. I...
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    Intake gasket thickness.

    Ok guys, my first thread. I've got this magnificent 74 nova with all original mechanics. the recently rebuilt rochester dual jet stalls out pretty bad when you romp on it. I suspect a vacuum leak, I just haven't hunted it down yet. My question is, if I replace the intake manifold gasket, what...