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    09 Malibu Ac issue

    I have an 09 Malibu and my A/C basically works when it wants to. It's been doing this for months. The temp guage on the dash will stay stuck below C. Every once it a while it'll come back on when temp guage will go up and it'll work for a day or two then just go right back. Any ideas what this...
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    Hello and a question

    Hi all, Just joined the forum today. I look forward to finding some great info here. Thanks for having me join! I have a '96 Tahoe 4x4 with the 350 cid engine. I've had it since 2011 when I traded a guy the Jeep I had for it (needed room for the kidos!) The truck has approximately 220k...
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    02 lt trailblazer a/c blower not working right

    My 2002 chevy trailblazer's blower for the heat and air will only work up to setting 4. when i turn it to setting 5 it turns off. How do I fix this?