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Chevy Forum: My 2001 Chevy Cavalier keeps stalling.. Trying everything, help!?
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Old 01-12-2011, 01:38 AM
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Default My 2001 Chevy Cavalier keeps stalling.. Trying everything, help!?

Bare with me, I'm going to give you all the details..

About 6 weeks ago this all started.. It was a snowy night, I was driving to work and about half-way there my car stalled out at a 4-way stop, then wouldn't even turn over as I finally had to push it to the side of the rode and take it from there.. Now my check engine light had been on for a long time, with the code showing a issue with the Catalytic Converter, I took it to a mechanic and all he came up with was that there was some bad wiring, not the converter, he charged me 160$, picked it up and went from there.

Well he ripped me off because 2 weeks almost to the day of picking it up, the car was doing the same thing.. There was a bad wet, thick snow, I started it up, car sounded extremely weak, and backed outta my driveway, I couldn't get it a block down the road without it stalling, though this time I could get it too start, but the second Id take my foot off the gas pedal it would stall.. Got it towed back to the same mechanic, as he had the car for a couple days and after all that he said he couldnt charge me or do anything because it started and ran fine for him?? Picked the car up, drove up the rode, It stalls!!!.
At this point I say the hell with this idiot mechanic and take the car to a muffler shop to get a new converter.. This wasnt the problem, tho I did go ahead and put a new converter on, it cleared that code, but my car was still stalling at Will. Everytime I would take my foot off the pedal it would shut down... Check Engine Light was still on, showing Emmisions Failure..

Finally I let my Uncle, whos a "backyard mechanic" start tinkering with it, At first, we took the Idle Air Control Sensor out and cleaned it, It cleared the check engine code yet again, and this helped, my car ran fine for about a week, But once again it started stalling and doing the same symptons! Check Engine came on again, along with code saying spark plug misfire, possible small vacum leak and MAP or TPS Sensor?? We made calls and got some opinions and advice.

Fuel Pump seems to check out, We checked the Vacum Hoses and found no holes or leaks, all looked fine!
So, we put in all new spark plugs, we went ahead and put in a Brand New Idle Air Control Switch. " Also I noticed everytime the car would start sounding weak There was a light coming on saying Trac Off, we were told this was caused by "A Bad TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)" and could very well be the reason for all our troubles, so we were all over it and replaced that, as the old one had a crack in it.. We thought we had it figured out.. but

The car ran great for 2 days, No Check Engine Light, No Trac Off Light..
Then tonight, we got another snow storm and yet again, the car started sounding weak as I was driving it, as Im running the heat, it basically will sound like its shuting down, then what do you know, as I take my foot off the pedal, it stalled on me once again! It started up and I was able to get it home, but still....
AHHHHHHHHHH Im so confused at this point, if anyone has any idea of whats going on, please help, cause Im clueless at this point, and any mechanic is going to rape me, we've already put over 350$ in it.. Oh and at the moment,there is no check engine light on, And the Trac Off light is also not on..
Also wanted to add, Ive tried putting in High Test Gasoline and Fuel Injector Cleaner... This doesn't help either.. Ive been told it could be the cars computer? But was also told, almost if not all my dash lights would more than likely be on.. The car will sound fine, but then will start sounding weak, and once again, my telling tale had been the heat, it will sound strong then out of nowhere start fading and blowing less hard.. that's when I know the power is getting weak.. Hope somebody out there can help
Also reading this over, Im noticing I spelled the word (Road) rode, several times.. ha ha maybe Im the idiot..

I put in a new fuel filter this past July, thanks
To Jaye..

Thanks, yes, Ive got the Trac Off light now off, I replaced the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) as we were told that was causing the Trac Off light to come on..

Trac Low light does come on when there is little traction.. but was told this doesnt set the motor to a slower mode, but the Trac Off light does, this light was coming on without me even driving the car.. This light is now off, but car still stalled
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