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Default 05 Cobalt engine removal

Recently had to pull the engine in my 05 Cobalt 2.2 auto trans. This is for some of you do it your self folks.

The repair manual says it has to come out the bottom with the K member with the transmission all together. The trans is fine and I wanted to be able to move the car once I had the engine out. Without any front wheels left on the car that would be difficult.

I looked all around for anyone else with a similar situation. least about the engine coming out the top.

Everything I saw said that the A/C line from the firewall was the problem. My A/C still worked and didn't want to drain the system and add to the cost. I was told that the A/C line went over the engine. Well on an 05 Cobalt it goes over the transmission.

So the process started.....You MUST remove as many bolt on items as you can. The A/C compressor can be tied back out of the way and left sealed. Remove the intake manifold. The fuel rail can be rolled back and set on the cowl at the windshield. Yes the hood needs to come off too. Remove the exhaust manifold so you can access the two trans bolts on the back side of the engine. Tag ALL the electrical connections and do your best to remove the coolant recovery tank hose. It goes under the electrical power center and is difficult. After everything has been unbolted from the engine you must support the engine from under the car and remove the engine mount on the passenger side and the bracket under the engine to the trans axle shaft housing. The belt tensioner can stay on the engine.

The next most important thing to do is remove the crankshaft pulley bolt. Just the bolt. There is not enough room to get the engine past the trans bell housing with the bolt in. Same goes when you reinstall the engine.

Reinstallation of the engine is the same in reverse.

Word of caution.....The starter connections have a ground wire grouped in with them. If you're not careful, like me, this ground wire can be mistakenly connected to the starter solenoid post and not let your cooling fans work. It kills the ground connection and the ground wire at the fan will show a 12V positive reading. Didn't do any damage but made life difficult for a short time.

So....Have fun all you shade tree guys.
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