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Default Re: 2000 z24 shift solenoid problem-question

thanks, Zora, do you or any other member know id anything else is fed off of the ERL fuse besides the trans solenoids? I am still trying to figure out if that is part of my problem.
when we got the car someone previously put a 20amp fuse in the ERL fuse spot in the fuse box and then cut into the pink wire just off the trans block connector and installed an in-line fuse holder with a 10 amp fuse, so I deduct that they wanted to feed more amps from the fuse panel but then knock it back down to the proper 10 amps before entering the trans to the solenoids.neither was blown but not being an electrical guru or owning the schematics for the car I dont know what else the ERL fuse feeds if any. I also dont know if the pink wire in the harness can handle 20 amps if it was sized for 10?
any people with electrical in site please chime in, maybe thats my problem or part of it.
I recheck the visible harness today for signs of breaks or burns and see none I also recheck the ground post on the block. for what ever reason there must be a ground fault in the wireing or the pcm or from the erl fuse???
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