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Default Re: 2000 z24 shift solenoid problem-question

ok here's my new up-date:
2 weeks ago I did all the solenoids in my daughters trans, she said its been running better than it ever has before. tonight she comes home and says the check engine light & track off light has come on while driving. I scan the computer and get P758 & P1860 again.
OK, I know all the solenoids are new and the wiring inside the trans was ok so now I have to look on the outside of the trans or to the PCM. the wife says lets just put a new harness in it, I have no problem with that as someone has already hacked into the existing harness that connects to the trans?
to rule out the trans wiring harness I believe I would need to replace the short harness that goes from the top side trans solenoid connection point and up to the neutral safety/shift position switch on the top back side of the trans. as well as the harness running across the bottom of the radiator support to the pcm.
if that is correct does anyone know the part numbers for each of those harness's or where I can find them? I'm not going to dick around with 17 year old wiring. hope I can figure this out before I decide to use this car for target practice!!!
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