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Default Re: 2000 z24 shift solenoid problem-question

OK, here's an up date for those who may care? I determined I needed the TCC solenoid after previous Ohm testing but decided to replace all 4 of the accessible solenoids while I was in there as i dont want to do it again. so I ordered the pan gaskets (2) bottom & side as well as a new filter the 1-2 ,2-3, the TCC and the fluid control solenoid and a new axle seal from a trans shop on line. I was pleased when the solenoids all came and were AC delco. I am an industrial mechanic by trade & have been building,restoring & racing vintage race cars for 30 years. I have to tell you this job SUCKED, this was my first experience with a trans axle set up. nothing went as planned or as i was told it would go. i pretty much had to drop the front sub frame carrage out (all but one bolt backed out 75% on the passenger side) on top of dropping the engine down to get the side pan to clear with out hitting the old solenoids or wiring. what a cluster F***K, give me a flat head V8 to rebuild any day of the week over this mess.
in the end I hope I fixed the problem, the car seems to run better than before (so says my wife & daughter) if the code comes up again I will have to look to the harness or PCM, hoping I dont have to do that stuff either.
thanks for all the input from the members here, being a novice to this type of set up really puts me at a disadvantage so this site helps out immensely
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