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Default Did I dodge a lemon or what?

Was going through a used car when the following entries from CarFax caught my eye. actually stared at it quite a bit. Hoping that this is NOT normal for Sonic but just a random bad apple.
From report, removed all irrelevant entries
02/26/2014 10 Vehicle purchase reported Titled or registered as rental vehicle
04/16/2014 1,785 Engine checked
05/05/2014 Engine checked
03/11/2015 23,208 Fleet/Lease Company Vehicle sold
06/15/2015 23,270 Auto Auction Vehicle sold at auction
06/30/2015 23,317 Chevrolet Certified Dealer Offered as a Chevrolet Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle
08/18/2015 23,319 Chevrolet Certified Dealer Sold as a Chevrolet Certified Pre-owned Vehicle

Owner 2
Purchased: 2015
Type: Personal
04/29/2016 35,921 Radio speaker(s) replaced, Sunvisor(s) replaced/repaired, Transmission computer/module replaced
06/30/2016 Four tires balanced, mounted, Tire(s) replaced
08/04/2016 42,500 Air filter replaced, Front brake rotor(s) resurfaced, Oil and filter changed
08/22/2016 44,354 Recommended maintenance performed Valve cover(s) replaced
09/23/2016 45,720 Front window regulator(s) replaced, Ignition lock cylinder replaced
04/06/2017 56,680 Thermostat housing/gasket replaced, Water pump replaced
08/26/2017 Vehicle towed due to a mechanical issue
08/30/2017 65,955 Valve cover(s) replaced

Phew, can anyone think I'm mistaken for considering this unit as a LEMON.
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