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gigglev1 07-06-2010 07:28 PM

99 Chevy Tahoe Service Engine Soon Light?
hello i have a 99 tahoe that has a service engine soon light that will not stay off!!!!! im in ofallon missouri and here you need it off to pass emissions! heres the deal! i have now spent $800 on trying to fix this through a mechanic, new o2 sensors, plugs, wires, cap, rotor air filter and fuel filter... when i would try to pass emissions id say 9 times now, it would come up with readyness codes not ready, which i know is from the light being reset... all was good and i just "had" to drive it more to turn those codes off, and thats when cylinder 6 misfire happens... i take it back to the mechanic where they tell me one of the wire on cly 6 was bad, they fix it (so i think) i drive 350 miles to ensure codes are reset and light was gonna stay off... now my wife is ready to kill me being that i have put a few full days into trying to get this to pass, and today comes after driving 350 miles and it fails for not ready again,,, as you can imagine im ready to freak out at this point so i call missouri department of natural resources because you can apperntly get a waiver when you put enough money into trying to get it to pass and they give me this crazy process similar to driving 350 miles to get the readyness indicators to be "ready" so i google GM readyness and it comes up with 7 steps you have to do to reset the codes... unreal, so i do these 7 steps and guess what happens when i go get it checked for the tenth time? not only does it fail, but the service engine soon code pops again for misfire on cylinder 6... so as it stands i have spent way to much on parts and labor, gas driving aimlessly to reset the codes and multiple trips to the mechanic and multiple trips to the emmision checking place... tomorrow morning im driving out to the mechanics again to have them take there 10th look at it... my wife is ready to divorce me and im ready to pull my hair out... any ideas? (about the truck) wife and hair have been going for a while... oh and probably one if not the craziest thing about all of this is that here in ofallon mo you dont have to emission anything older than 94... lol what kind of sense does that even make? and we elect these dummys... if that doesnt tell you this emission shit is all about money i dont know what does... here i am doing GM's 7 gay ass steps and meanwhile a 73 ford pickup goes rippin by with no mufflers and missing everything but the mullet guy driving it and im stuck with all this drama... any advice would be greatly appriciated or you will be hearing about me a mechanic and a out of control tahoe on the news... ty

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